90 Degree Door Automation

Brand: Gilgen

It is the door automation that can be most easily adapted to standard manual doors. It can be easily applied to doors that work with pivot movement (moving 90 degrees, not sliding).

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• Gilgen FDC model wing type circular door automations, which have a wide application area from standard room doors to 90 degree building entrance doors, have been subjected to various tests meeting the most specific European norms, and are a product that promises high performance and comfort, produced with the highest quality materials.
• The electromechanical automation unit, which operates extremely silently, also provides convenience in application with its compact structure and stylish design with a stainless steel body.
• The system, which makes it possible to install on existing doors with apparatus suitable for all kinds of situations, offers a wide range of levers (push, pull or parallel pull lever, etc.) that provide the connection between the engine unit and the wing.
• With its rich accessory options, it is possible to install the automation anywhere, on the beam, wall or frame in the opening direction of the wing or opposite.
• If there is no wall, beam or a frame of sufficient height on the door leaf, it is even possible to apply the automation system on the leaf so that it moves with the leaf.