SLA 76 - Hinged Door and Window System

Brand: Amanos

SLA 76 offers one fixed and one movable wing with its monorail frame option. It is possible to apply up to 6 wings with different frame options. It has a panoramic design with minimal wing option. Ideal for warm climates and indoors. It has a maximum carrying capacity of up to 150 kg with adjustable bearing and steel rail. Easy production is made with special corner connections. The maximum wing height is 2.50 m. Thanks to its minimal profile structure, it offers a wide field of view. Profile design is suitable for multi-point locking. It provides extra comfort with its elegant mosquito net design.

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All building types

Glass, Aluminum

Profile Dimensions
• Case Depth (min.- max. mm): 76-125.6
• Anchor Point Front View (mm): 83
• Profile Wall Thickness (min-max): 1.3-1.5
• Heat Barrier Thickness (mm): No
• Glass Thickness (min-max): 4-24
• Maximum Wing Weight (max kg): 150

Opening Types
• Sliding Wing
• Double Wing Sliding
• Three Wing Sliding
• Four Wing Sliding
• Six Wing Sliding
• Fixed Top Moving Wing
• Fly Screen Application

Usage areas
• Window
• Door
• Balcony Glazing
• Winter garden

• Pool Arm
• Sliding Arm
• Axial Arm
• PVC Window Handle
• Multi-Point Locking

Number of Sliding Rails
• 2 Sliding Rails
• 3 Sliding Rails
• 45° Corner Frame Connection
• 45° Corner Wing Connection
• Allen Corner Collecting