Brand: Egepen Deceuninck

Deceuninck manifests a superior level performance in sound and air isolation with the New Legend Sliding System. Esthetic design and ease-of-use for the users are the most prominent features of the Legend Sliding System, which provides high-level protection against cold weathers during winter and hot weathers during summer.

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Residences, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

• Gasket : TPE Gray/ Black/
• Lath : Single Nail – PCE Gasket
• Glass Thickness : 24, 30, 36, 44, 52 mm
• Opening Options : Sliding with constant bore
• Class : TS EN 12608-1 B Class
• Heat Conductivity Coefficient : Uf: 1.4 W/m2K
• The Legend Sliding System, which offers maximum benefit to spaces with its high performance, strong isolation and ease-of-use, has a wing structure of 76 mm with 5 chambers.
• Glasses up to 52 mm thickness can be used in the Legend Sliding System, which claims to possess a much better air isolation compared to other sliding systems.
• The series offers alternative decoration possibilities with different color options and it establishes a balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living.

Applications for registering the design of the new sliding system have been made to the Turkish Patent Institute.