Duotour | Large Diameter Double Wing Revolving Doors

Brand: Boon Edam

Duotour is a 2-wing revolving door that can be optionally combined with an automatic sliding door, and is also suitable for structures with high pedestrian traffic.

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• The Duotour model, designed by Boon Edam engineering in the early 1900s, is designed to offer you more than a revolving door. To obtain the free passage widths provided by photocell sliding doors or circular opening standard doors from a revolving door, extraordinarily large diameters will be required. But if you could take one of these doors and combine it with a revolving door, you could get the free passage you want from a revolving door without going up to gigantic dimensions.
• Duotour model double leaf revolving doors were designed based on such a requirement. When used in the revolving door mode, it performs the insulation function by separating the indoor and outdoor air from each other.
• The combination of these wonderful features makes the Duotour the most functional revolving door that can be used for the entrance of any building. However, Boon Edam engineers were not content with bringing these unique features together, but by turning the springs on the wing tips of the Duotour into a showcase, they added another extremely stylish and useful feature to this extraordinary design.