Interior Application Doors | Speed Roller Prime

The SpeedRoller Prime and SpeedRoller Prime -XF are good solutions for medium-sized openings up to 12.25 m2 and normal use. Ideal for the daily passage of people and light goods. The one-piece door curtain is extremely quiet and can be printed with any required imprint. Novoferm SpeedRollers are used in many supermarkets because they are practical in use, save a lot of energy and improve the atmosphere in the shopping area with their beautiful, clear print.

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Supermarkets, food industry, laboratories, light industry

• The door columns are made of two hot dip galvanised steel profiles.
• The front covers are removable for fast and simple installation and maintenance.
• The side seals are specifically tailored to your use.
• The HardEdge bottom beam is aluminium, the optional FlexEdge bottom beam is made of soft rubber.
• The door curtain is a 0.7 mm thick PVC with a polyester reinforcement inlay. 1.2 mm fabric optionally available.
• Max. surface area (WxH) = 12.25 m2
• Max. W x H = 3,500 x 3,500 mm
• Wind load resistance class 0 according to EN 12424, or up to 5 Beaufort (29 - 38 km/h)
• Opening speed with Frequency Control approx. 1.5 m/s, closing speed approx. 0.5 m/s
• 0.7 mm thick door curtain in blue, black, white, grey, graphite grey, red, orange or yellow
• Transparent windows or mosquito nets optionally available
• Suitable for smaller interior openings with a low wind load

- ISO 9001
- EN 13241-1 compliant