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Alnodoor Door Systems | Photocell Doors

Photocell door systems that self-control all their movements

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Aluminium door frame Apartment door Photocell door Door frame interior door system
About the Product
1Application Area

All interiors


• Photocell doors control all their movements by themselves.
• Smooth transition to different stages
• Does not allow sudden and hard movements
• Protects itself against malfunctions arising from all kinds of usage errors with a short circuit system.
• One direction
• Winter location
• Fully closed mode
• Fully open mode
• Feature of selecting functions
• Opening speed control
• Closing speed control
• Opening braking feature
• Braking on closing and open time features
• Opening and automatic closing with radar or button signal
• Radar cancellation and manual opening protection when fully closed
• Ability to open with remote control and password panel from outside with a separate button input on the control panel