Filled Steel Sheet Wing and Steel Sheet Frame

Brand: Dooratür

Production and installation of door leaf made of DKP or galvanized sheet, with one-piece or adjustable door frame, double surface, internal structure with special frame preventing collapse. Electrostatic powder paint or oil paint on the spot, special type hinged doors and all kinds of door accessories can be applied to all kinds of doors.

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About the Product
1Application Area

It is used as all kinds of heavy duty warehouses, electricity, telephone rooms, transformer and generator spaces, shaft spaces, installation rooms, elevator machine rooms, boiler rooms, technical volume doors.


Sheet metal


Sheet thickness: 2,0mm-1,50mm for door frames / 1,5mm-1,25mm for door leaves
Size: According to order
Filling: Rockwool 52kg / m³
Wing type: Flat (pomel) or overbated (rebated)
Inner frame: 1,5mm special shaped sheet profile

4Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2008