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DENDRO Wood Flooring

About the Company

Dendro has been established in 2004 by Aspen Yapı ve Zemin A.Ş. (Aspen Construction and Flooring Inc.), which provides the products and application methods to the construction industry that are the requirements of the modern architecture. Since the day Dendro has been established, it has become one of the worldwide leading companies of the industry with its machinery for wood flooring production, R&D investments, production based on quality and product quality.
Dendro is a worldwide leading brand with its 1 million m2 wood flooring production capacity per year and stockpile of 190.000 m2 product and 320.000 m2 raw material.
Dendro makes the production in its factory in Düzce / Gümüşova which has 15.000 m2 indoor area and 65.000 m2 outdoor area.
Wood is such a material that requires the exact same climate conditions required for human being to survive. Thus, hardwood should be produced and packaged at 22 °C – 25 °C temperature and 50% relative humidity which are the ideal values for the normal living conditions.
Dendro is the leading company in the sector that can provide these production conditions with nearly a hundred colors and 450 types of flooring models. Dendro, which has made a serious ambient heating investment, supports the heating infrastructure with humidifying-spraying equipments. The secret of Dendro flooring’s long-lasting use is due to the sensitivity and care shown from the first stage of production. Dendro ensures sustainable quality by prioritizing aesthetics and technology in flooring production.
Dendro provides services in many areas with more than 100 agents; throughout worldwide and Turkey with its Marmara, Central Anatolia, Aegean, Mediterranean and Çukurova regional directorates.

DENDRO Wood Flooring Products

DENDRO Wood Flooring

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