Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Brand: Drabeton

Drabeton is Betonsa's "steel-wire reinforced concrete" product, which has many advantages over traditional concrete. Drabeton is more resistant to complex loads by homogeneously dispersing the steel wires inside and forming a three-dimensional reinforcement system. It increases the initial crack load of concrete and improves its post-crack behavior. Even if a crack occurs, it prevents its progression.

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On floor concretes, field concretes, factory floors, parking lots, gas stations, stock areas, jointless floor concretes, screed and protection concretes, topping concretes, floors of cold stores.

It is applied with minimum C 25/30 concrete class and 15 kg/m³ steel wire.
Steel wires are C 1008 class low carbon, breaking strength is 1100 N/mm² and are in TS 10513 standard.
The lengths of the wires vary between 30 and 60 cm, and their diameters are 0.55, 0.75 and 0.90 cm.
It has an average unit weight of 2350 kg/m³.
The energy absorption capacity and bending tensile strength of concrete increase significantly.