Self Compacting Concrete

Brand: Viskobeton

Viskobeton is Betonsa's "self-compacting concrete" product, which has many advantages over traditional concrete. Despite its fluidity, Viskobeton spreads on its own without decomposition and without the need for compaction with a vibrator. In foundation concretes: Viscotemel. On building horizontal floors: Viscose. For vertical elements: It is recommended to use Viscoperde products.

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In strengthening projects against earthquakes, in densely equipped areas, in city centers, in night concrete castings, in situations where it is not possible to use vibrators, in difficult and inaccessible molds, in elements where aesthetic and architectural freedom is desired.

Minimum spread of 65 cm.
C 35/45 and above pressure resistance class.
Average 2350 kg/m³ unit weight.
Average water/cement ratio of 0.40.
Significant increase in impermeability due to low void structure.