Environmental-friendly and Sustainable Concrete

Brand: A+Beton

A+Beton is a high performance concrete product developed for environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings, with low carbon emissions, resistant to environmental effects. According to the place of use in A+Beton product structures; It consists of three basic categories: A+Concrete Foundation, A+Concrete Road and Coating and A+Concrete Structural. A+Beton, which reduces carbon emissions by producing up to 70% ground blast furnace slag substitution instead of cement, is the most suitable solution for environmentally friendly green buildings.

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A+Concrete Foundation - It is used in building foundations, unreinforced mass concrete foundations, trench fill foundations.
A+Concrete Road and Coating - It is suitable for use on exterior reinforced concrete roads and coating concretes, on coating concretes inside the building, where the rust margin is minimum 50 mm.
A+Beton Structural - It is used in reinforced concrete structural elements that are in contact with water for a long time, on concrete floors exposed to pedestrian and light vehicle traffic, on heavily loaded industrial floors in the interior of the buildings, and on concrete elements in the interior of buildings with medium or high humidity environments.

It is produced by substituting between 40% and 70% ground blast furnace slag instead of cement, thus reducing carbon emissions, producing with the desired strength class, high permanence and long life. It complies with TS EN 206-1 standard. It can be used for environmental impact classes XA, XC, XF and XD.