Durable Concrete | 100+ BETON

Brand: 100+ BETON

Produced by using special cement and mineral additives with low alkalinity, 100+Beton has been developed for large infrastructure projects requiring a service life of 100 years or more. With its superior impermeability and durability features, 100+Beton product can maintain the desired project strength for many years. The hydration temperature of 100+Beton, which does not allow harmful chlorine ions from the sea to pass to the reinforcement, can be controlled, pumped to the desired height, all components can be monitored and tested retrospectively.

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It is suitable for infrastructure projects (bridges, airports, subways and highways) where a service life of 100 years or more is required. 100+Beton, which meets customer needs by meeting all the criteria in the specification of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project, was preferred in the Istanbul 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project.

In the production of 100+Beton, 65% ground blast furnace slag and 35% low alkaline special cement (100+Cement) were used as binders. Maximum C3A content of 100+Cement: 8%, maximum total equivalent alkali content of 0.6%. 100+ Concrete, with a maximum chlorine permeability coefficient of 3x10-12 m²/s, is produced in C 40/50 and C 50/60 compressive strength classes.