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Alkali Resistant Chopped Fiber

Brand: NEG

In traditional concrete floor applications, a steel mesh are used. It is a very delicate application and needs extra man power to keep the mesh in position while the concrete is being poured. This type of Alkali Glass fiber is in chopped form and is an alternative to steel mesh. Once the the fibers are used in the correct formulation, it is easly be distributed within the concrete mix allowing a homogeneous distribution and prevents cracks during curing. - Since the density of fiber and concrete are almost the same, the fibers can easily distribute without slumping at the bottom of the mixture. - Distribution of fibers are always the same.

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Decorative facade elements Glassfibre reinforced concrete Reinforcing fibers Concrete reinforcement
About the Product
1Application Area

- Precast and GRC applications
- Ground slabs in place of steel mesh
- Moulded concrete and plaster


• Fiber Tensile Stregth: 1700 Mpa
• Flex. Break: 2.4%
• Density: 2.80
• Flex. Module: 74 GN/m2
• Zirconium Content: High
• Alkali Resistance: High
• Acid Resistance: High
• Melting Point: >1500 ºC
• Thermal Conductivity: Low
• Elektric Conductivity: Low

3Quality Assurance Certificates

EN 15422 2008