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Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement

Brand: Forta-Ferro

It is a long-lasting, synthetic macro fiber reinforcement that can be used as primary reinforcement in concrete, has high strength, polymer-based, provides structural strength instead of steel mesh or steel wire, provides crack resistance and load bearing with two different materials in its composition. Forta-Ferro is homogeneously dispersed in concrete and provides application convenience to projects by providing the desired concrete appearance and strength with minimum labor and cost during and after casting.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Field and ground concretes, house constructions, coastal structures and ports, water structures, tunnels, mines, precast elements, animal shelters.


• Prevents shrinkage cracks and micro cracks.
• It has high energy absorption capacity.
• Increases the fatigue resistance and ductility of concrete.
• It reduces surface abrasions.
• Increases impact resistance.
• Provides high bending and tensile strength in splitting.
• Works in 3 dimensions and acts as a pressure reinforcement against negative moments occurring on the surface.
• It increases durability without corrosion.
• Gives extra resistance to concrete that is weakened due to freezing and thawing.
• It ensures that concrete, which is decomposed in acidic and salty environments, stays together.
• Increases the fire resistance.
• Provides concrete to gain elastoplastic behavior.
• It has a high sensitivity rate.
• Thanks to its fringed structure, it has superior adherence capability compared to other fibers.