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Brand: Betonfiber

BETONFIBER Polypropylene Fibers are micro reinforcement systems used for concrete, plaster, screed, gypsum, bitumen, precast and chalice applications and they serve as secondary reinforcement in concrete. Nowadays field and laboratory studies have shown that the projects built using BETONFIBER Polypropylene Fibers provide high performance. Fibers made of different sizes for different applications (06-12-19 mm), when used in the specified dosage, are dispersed homogeneously in the concrete and allow the removal of shrinkage and shrinkage cracks.

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Concrete surface hardener Polymer fiber Polypropylene fibre Concrete reinforcement fibers Concrete reinforcement Plaster
About the Product
1Application Area

Industrial Floors, Field Concretes, Sprayed Concretes, Coastal and Port Structures, Tunnels, Concrete Roads, Precast Segments




see BETONFIBER BF - P.P Fibers Product Brochure

4Quality Assurance Certificates

ASTM CIII6 CE, EN 14889-2 BBA 92/2830 quality warranty certificates - CE and ISO 9001 certificates