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About the Product
1Application Area

• Basements
• Concrete Water Tanks
• Tunnels and Subway Systems
• Roof Slab
• Sewage and Water Treatment Plants
• Reservoirs
• Sunken Portion
• Foundations & Elevator pits
• Ground Parking Structures
• Bridges and Dams


• Permanent with self-healing capabilities - can seal hairline cracks upto 0.4 mm
• Unique ability to become a truly integral part of the concrete matrix
• Enhances concrete durability & reduces concrete permeability right from start
• Less costly to install than most other methods
• Increases flexibility in construction scheduling
• Can be directly added to the RMC truck at job site

3Quality Assurance Certificates

1. EN 934-2
2. NT Build 492 (11.999) Concrete, Mortar and Cement Based Repair Materials: Chloride Migration Test
3. TS EN 12390-8 (2002) Concrete - Hardened Concrete Tests - Part 8: Determination of Water Penetration Depth under Pressure, Turkish Standards Institute
4. NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water Test
5. EU 3010-2 Drinking Water Test
6. UNI EN ISO 868 Chemical Resistance Test
7. BS EN 12350-2:2009 Slump Test in Fresh Concrete
8. BS EN 12390-3:2009 Compressive Strength Test
9. BS EN 12390-8:2009 Water Penetration Depth Test
10. ASTM C1202:2012 Chloride Ion Permeability Test
11. TS EN 12350-2 (2010) Compressive Strength Test
12. CRD C48-92 (American Aviation Base) Concrete Waterproofing Test
13. SEM analysis to observe crystalline formation in concrete