ARDEX B 10 Cemented Satin Plaster

Brand: ARDEX

Powder reinforced with gray cement based powder construction chemicals.

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- It is used for leveling, plastering and finishing of concrete, exposed concrete surfaces, prefabricated concrete elements, cement plaster and wall surfaces.
- It can be used to fill pores, voids and defects, cracks, holes or fractures on ceilings or walls.
- It is used in the sub-floor preparation of the painting and coating works of the surfaces to be carried out in the next stage.

• ARDEX WSZ Fast Cement based
• Filling and finishing coat mortar and plaster for concrete repairs and cracks and pores of concrete surfaces.
• Water and weather resistant
• It can be applied on the surface from 0 thickness.

R2 class standard certificate according to TSE EN 1504-3