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Space Frame Systems

They are modular systems that are composed of frame elements in three separate planes at one point and work statically in all three directions. Since it is a three-dimensional and statically two-way system, it has the ability to pass large openings with appropriate system heights. These systems, which are of European origin and have been used all over the world for years, have a wide range of applications.

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Steel roof system
About the Product
1Application Area

- Sports Hall
- Educational Buildings
- Airports
- Factory Buildings
- Warehouses
- Shopping Centers
- Fairgrounds
- Conference Halls


• Material: Space system pipes, nodes and connecting elements
• TRIANGULAR MODULES are efficient in transferring stresses. With little to no bending moments, they are more stable and stronger than 90 degree frames.
• 3-D LATTICE STRUCTURES can cover larger areas at a lower weight. The many lightweight members in a lattice structure distribute loads evenly and efficiently through the structure in three dimensions, making it more efficient and lighter than a conventional two-dimensional frame.
• DOUBLY CURVED GEOMETRIES have the ability to span long distances. Their curvature transfers stresses more efficiently with little to no bending moments, making them stiffer than conventional flat surfaces. Doubly curved geometries now offer infinite possibilities of free-style designs.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2008