KEIM Concretal Lasur


It is a mineral-based potassium sol-silicate concrete protection and coloring material that eliminates optical defects and surface problems on concrete surfaces by preserving the natural and matte character of concrete and provides a matte finish. It provides dustproofing. Consolidates surfaces. Class A2 is incombustible. Does not contain VOCs. It breathes. No primer required. The section penetrates. It is an ecological, sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe building material.

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All mineral surfaces (concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, bricks, plasters and etc.)

• Mineral based Potassium Silicate Paint
• Thanks to the mineral matte surface, it preserves the original concrete appearance.
• KEIM products are class A2 fireproof. It does not emit harmful gas during fire.
• Does not contain VOCs.
• There is no moss or mold formation on the surfaces on which KEIM is applied.
• Minimal tendency for contamination due to non-thermoplastic anti-static binder.
• It gives strength to the applied surfaces. It prevents dusting.
• Does not spill, does not swell. Color does not fade.
• Matte, natural-looking surfaces that preserve the concrete character are obtained.
• They penetrate the section as a result of the chemical reaction of the silicate binder with the surface. It provides high protection against abrasion and weather conditions.
• It is an ecological and sustainable product. It has LEED, BREEAM certifications.
• It is applied as 2 coats without a primer.
• Provides lower renovation cost with longer renovation time.