Beton Fix

Brand: Bautera

It is a long-term permanent consolidation and dustproofing product prepared with pure liquid potassium silicate combined with inorganic binders.

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It can be used on highly absorbent mineral substrates to control the reduction of the surface's absorbency. It can be used in the consolidation of mineral surfaces such as natural stone, lime-based / cement-based plaster, concrete, which dust horizontally and vertically.

• It is non-flammable
• It is highly water vapor permeable
• It is highly resistant to outdoor conditions
• It forms chemically permanent bonds on the surface applied with silification
• It does not contain any organic additives
• Its non-film-forming structure allows water vapor permeability
• The UV resistant product also prevents the formation of fungi and algae
• Environmentally friendly product is an ecological product with a very low environmental impact