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Brand: Cermix

Brand: Cermix Two-component transparent primer for concrete and similar surfaces containing 100% solid matter.

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Plaster primer coat
About the Product
1Application Area

It is used as a primer under polyurethane coatings, epoxy coatings and top coat paint on concrete and similar surfaces.




• Color: Transparent
• Mixing Ratio: 100/48 (by weight)
• Pot-life: 30 ± 5 min.
• Curing time: 6-8 hours depending on the relative humidity and temperature.
• Density Mixture (25 ° C): 1,06 ± 0,02 gr / cm3
• Viscosity Mixing (25 ° C): 450 ± 50 mPas
• VOC: <140g / L
• EU regulation 2004/42: According to EU Directive 2004/42, the maximum content of volatile organic compound (voc) allowed in the ready-to-use product is 550/500 g / L. (2007/2010 limits)
• TOC: 70-80%
• Burning Point: above 100 ° C
• Fire Resistance: Report No: AB-0001-T 80802 has obtained positive results from the examinations and tests carried out in accordance with the • • • • Turkish Standards numbered TS EN ISO 11925-2. The tested samples comply with the criteria of TS EN 13501 Table 2 Efl class.
• Solubility: Insoluble in water