Protectosil SC

Brand: Protectosil

Protectosil SC is a silane-based building protection material that is water and oil repellent on vertical and horizontal mineral-based surfaces in old and new structures, delays contamination and is easy to clean, and prevents the penetration of tea, coffee, wine, etc. stains into the cross-section. It is permeable to water vapor. It does not change color and texture on the surface.

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It can be used on porous mineral surfaces.

• Silane-based water and oil repellent materia
• It gives water and oil repellent properties to porous mineral surfaces in old and new structures, horizontally and vertically.
• Does not change color and texture on the applied surface. It is colorless.
• It breathes. It passes water vapor.
• The treated surfaces remain clean for a long time. It prevents tea, coffee, cola, wine, etc. stains from penetrating the section. It provides easy cleaning.
• It minimizes the formation of algae, algae and microorganisms.
• It is reactive and resistant to alkalis.