Lithofin KF Intensivreiniger

It is a cleaning product in Lithofin's group for ceramics and porcelain (KF). Lithofin KF Intensivreiniger is a strongly alkaline product composed of biodegradable highly active ingredients.

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It is used for daily maintenance and cleaning of surfaces exposed to high traffic and heavily contaminated, basic and intensive cleaning of all surfaces. Especially ideal for ceramic and porcelain coatings.

• Lithofin KF Intensivreiniger easily cleans oil and grease layers, tire and shoe stains, polymer and wax films, care product residues and other stubborn and ingrained dirt on the surface.
• Packaging: 1lt, 5lt
• Density: 1,1 gr / cm³
• PH value: Approximately 14 (concentrated)
Image: Liquid, yellowish
• Smell: It has a pleasant scent.
• Flash Point:> 73 ° C
• Solubility in water: Completely soluble
• Consumption: 10-15 m² / lt as basic cleaner, approx. 100 m²
• Storage: Approximately 5 years in a cool place in its closed package.