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Sealants and Joint Fillers

Elastic, UV-resistant sealant for sealing construction and expansion joints. These are used to fill in wide expansion joints and dilatations, being waterproof and having a very high elastic structure. The polyurethane sealant provides excellent adhesion to building materials. They are filling and assembly product with high adhesive strength against mechanical pressure and deformation.

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Mastic Expansion joint material Waterproofing Joint fillers
About the Product

• WISPUR® PU-UV 007 / 008 Polyurethane Based, Single Component, Joint Sealant
WISPUR® UV-PU 007/ 008 is a single component, UV resistant, polyurethane based joint sealant that cures by reacting with the humidity in the air, has high mechanical and chemical resistance, has tensile / tear and abrasion resistance, is permanently elastic, suitable for use in horizontal and vertical joints.

• WISPUR® UV FUGENDICHT 009 Polyurethane Based, Single Component, UV Resistant Joint Filler and Dilatation Sealant
WISPUR® FUGENDICHT 009; Polyurethane based, single component, joint sealant for horizontal surfaces. It is resistant to heavy traffic and surface movements. Unaffected by seawater, jet fuels, hydraulic materials and oils.

• WISPUR® UV KAT FUGENDICHT 010 Polyurethane Based, Single Component, UV Resistant, Tar Modified Joint Filler and Dilatation Sealant
WISPUR® UV KAT FUGENDICHT 010, polyurethane based, single component, tar modified sealant. It is suitable for heavy traffic and resistant to surface movements. It is not affected by sea water, jet fuels, hydraulic materials and oil.

• WIS® FUGENDICHT TIX PRO Polysulfite Based Dilatation and Joint Sealant
WIS® FUGENDICHT TIX PRO is a polysulfide based, double-component full elastic, Dilatation and Joint sealant that applied to vertical surfaces.