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Shower Cabin Bathroom Silicone | Tytan Professional Turbo UPG

Tytan Professional Turbo UPG Shower Enclosure Bath Silicone is a one-component, flexible silicone designed for sealing joints as well as protecting against moisture. Thanks to its special formula, it provides 10 years protection against mold, fungus and bacteria. The product has been tested (according to EN ISO 846) for the growth of microorganisms and fungi. Thanks to its advanced formula, it becomes water resistant just 2 hours after application, with an accelerated curing property. The special formula used against the formation of mold, fungus and bacteria is safe for the user. In addition, the product is resistant to all detergents, high and low temperatures as well as UV rays.

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Shower cabin Silicone sealant insulation material insulated glass Waterproofing
About the Product
1Application Area

- For sealing shower cabinets, kitchen and bathroom sinks and other sanitary equipment
- In areas with high humidity
- In the sealing of ceramic tiles
- Sealing of connection points and dilatation gaps
- Small house repairs


• 10-year protection against fungus and mold and guarantee of tarnishness
• Fast curing - only 2 hours after application, waterproof
• Fast and easy application in places with high humidity
• The drugs that prevent fungus, mold and bacteria formation are completely safe for the user.
• Resistant to UV rays and high temperature change
• Excellent adhesion to different surfaces
• Resistant to cleaning products