Joint Sealant

Brand: Ultrafugaflex

Cement based, silicone doped, high performance flexible joint filler suitable for 2-20 mm joint gap.

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In indoor and outdoor spaces, wet areas such as pool, water tank, bathroom, exterior, balcony, underfloor heating systems horizontal and vertical in all sizes ceramic, granite, natural stone and so on. It is used for filling joint gaps between 2-20 mm of coating materials.

Application temperature: (+ 5 ° C) - (+ 35 ° C)
Pot life: 30 minutes
Check-out time: 1 days
Mixing ratio: 4.8-5.4 lt water / 20 kg powder
Flexural strength (EN 12808-3):> 2.5 N / mm²
Water absorption (EN 12808-5): <2 g per 30 min
Temperature resistance: (-30 ° C) - (+ 80 ° C)

TS EN 13888 CG2WA class