Grout with Dazzle Efects

Brand: FugaSim

Decorative, hygienic, easy-to-clean grouting material that differentiates spaces with its metallic, shiny glitter of gold, silver and copper silver.

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It is used for filling horizontal and vertical joint gaps of coating materials such as ceramic, granite ceramic, porcelain tile, glass mosaic both indoors and outdoors. Pool, bathroom, shower, restaurant, night club, shopping center.

Component A: Light yellow transparent liquid. Component B: Light yellow transparent liquid. Component C: Black, gray, beige, brown, blue powder. Component D: Silver, gold, copper effect glitter. Density: 1.53 g / cm³. Pot life: 50 minutes at 25 ° C. Touch dry: 5 hours. Walk time: 24 hours

TS EN 13888 certified RG class