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Acrylic Sealant/ABC 1000 Maximum Sealant

Brand: ABC Sealants

Expands in volume at temperatures exceeding 120 °C reduce heat transfer. This level of heat from the cooling effect of water vapor releasing fires saves time.

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Acrylic sealant
About the Product
1Application Area

For sealing cracks, chinks, seams and connection joints that have a maximum % 25 joint movement.
Assembly wood, PVC and aliminium joinery.
Sealing of window and door frame to masonry.
Not suitable for joints exposed to continous water immersion or joints which are totally closed.


Specific gravity: 1,05±0,03 g/cm³
Tack free time: 20-30 min. (23°C, %50 humidity)
Completely dry time: 2 mm/24 hour (23°C, %50 humidity)
Ph: 7,5-9
Volume shrinkage: %35
Weight loss: %30
Elongation: > %400
Modulus 100 % elongation: ? 0,20 Mpa
Max. tensile strenght: ? 0,30 Mpa
Tensile strenght: ? 0,10 Mpa

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001