Expanded Glass Granulate

Brand: Stikloporas

StikloporasExpanded glass beads are produced form recycled waste glass. Under very high temperatures the glass is melted and mixed with special chemicals to give its hollow cell form. With its 0,059-0,08W/mK heat value, it is the perfect insulation solution heat, acoustic and humidity. Due to its hallow cell structure the product has low density which lowers the overall structural weight in construction. Since being produced from natural material, it allows buildings to bearth and is resistant to mold build up. It has A1 grade fire resistance, plus resistant to many chemicals. It is Ecologically friendly material, ideal for light concrete production.

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Heat insulation plaster, cement based adhesives, repair mix, light concrete

• Diameter: 5 different sizes between 0,25 mm - 8 mm
• Density: Depending on the size between 340 kg/m³ - 190 kg/m³
• Heat Transfer Index: 0,059-0,08 W/mK
• Compression Strength: 1,5-2,5 Mpa
• Water Absorbtion: Lower than 15%.
• pH Value: 9-10
• Humidity: <%0,5
• Softening Point: Approx. 700°C

EN 13055-1: 2002 / AC: 2004 (European Light Aggregate) Standard, CE