Green Lack Innopur 2K Parquet Adhesive

Brand: Green Lack

Innopur adhesive is a two-component polyurethane-based parquet adhesive. It provides superior adhesion by filling the pores, thanks to its slight swelling feature, especially on the surface of rough concrete and between wooden surfaces. It is a reaction hardening adhesive used for all kinds of parquet and wood coatings. Since Innopur adhesive has excellent flexibility, it does not play on the parquet. It does not undergo any deformation between -10°C and +50°C temperatures. Innopur adhesive is compatible with polyurethane primers.

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- It is used for bonding long, short and medium sized parquets.
- It is also used for bonding ready-made parquets and laminated coatings to surfaces.

• Durable and flexible
• It ensures that the parquet is used throughout the life of the building.
• Can also be used on floors with underfloor heating
• Easy and convenient to use