Two-Component Flexible Adhesive Mortar

Brand: Ultratech

It is a two-component, high performance, cement-based adhesive mortar with extra fast setting, very flexible S2 grade, reduced slip and long working time.

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Especially in outdoor areas where thin and large sized ceramics, granite, porcelain ceramics, marble, such as bonding coating materials, extra fast setting feature should be opened within a day to be opened to use, S2 class high flexibility due to sudden heat exchange and intense pedestrian-load traffic places used.

Application temperature: (+ 5 ° C) - (+ 35 ° C)
Consumption: 4,5-6,5 kg / m²
Joint filling time: after 2-3 hours
Pot life: 1 hour
Flexibility:> 5 mm - S2 very flexible (EN 12002)

TS EN 12004 C2FTE S2 class