Epoxy Adhesive

Brand: Epotech W

It is a three component, solvent-free, chemical resistant, thixotropic, epoxy resin based adhesive.

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It is used for bonding Kalekim Dilatation Tape, bonding metal profiles to concrete, bonding concrete, stone, metal, wood, PVC parts among themselves, floor and wall ceramics, granite and marble plates.

Consumption: 3-4 kg / m² (as ceramic adhesive)
1-1,5 kg / m² (Adhering to Kalekim Dilatation Tape)
Joint filling time: 12-48 hours
Pot life: 1 hour at 25 ° C
Application Temperature: (-20 ° C) - (+ 80 ° C)

TS EN 12004 certified R2T class.
R: Reaction resin based adhesive
2: High Performance