Cubofix CTA-900GM Granite Flex Adhesive Mortar-C2TES2

Brand: CUBO

Cement based, single component, adhesive mortar for large sized tiles, ceramics, granite, marble and clinker surfaces. It is produced in gray and white colors.

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It is used in areas where temperature changes are high such as cold storages, freezing facilities and underfloor heating systems. It is used for horizontal and vertical bonding of coating materials such as tiles, ceramics, marble, natural stone to concrete, plaster and screed surfaces indoors and outdoors, on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is water and frost resistant, not affected by temperature changes. It can be applied from top to bottom. It allows the pasted plates to be fixed for a long time. It provides very flexible and solid adhesion. It has the feature of transverse deformation.

• It has very high strength and adhesion properties.
• Since the open waiting time is extended, it facilitates the labor with its long working time.
• Flexibility has been increased.

TS EN 12004-1