ARDEX FB 9 L Gray Flexible Floor Adhesive

Brand: ARDEX

Flex floor adhesive for cement-based, ceramic and natural stones for easy leveling during the bonding phase.

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- Thanks to its consistency, it provides easy application especially in floor applications.
- It provides easy leveling during the bonding of ceramic and natural stones.
- Granite ceramic, large ceramic, cotto, natural stone, decorative brick, clinker.
- Porcelain ceramic, glass mosaic.
- Concrete stones.
- Insulation plates (rock wool, expanded, extruded, etc. plates)
- Residences, shopping malls, factories, etc. where there is heavy pedestrian and freight traffic. used in places.

• As it can be applied in the desired consistency, it has a complete effect on the back surfaces of ceramics and natural stones.
• Excellent adhesion strength
• Long application time
• Provides 100% adhesion surface to the back of coatings

C2 E S1 class standard certificate according to TS EN 12004
C2: High performance adhesive with improved properties
E: Working time extended
S1: Deformability ≥ 2.5mm, <5mm