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Parkule 144-Fully Automatic Parking System


Parkul 144, is Turkey's first domestic production of fully automated parking systems. We have developed our own R & D center, design, project, production, software and application Automatic Parking Systems Inc. Conducted by the Parkolay be issued with a brand that is Turkey's first fully automated parking systems. Drivers park their vehicles on a parking platform in a vehicle entry-exit room. After the vehicle placement, dimensions and weight are controlled by the system and the driver is approved, parking is completed for the driver and leaves the room. It is carried by the fully automatic car park system lift to the appropriate parking place determined by the software and placed on the parking place on the conveyors. When the vehicle is requested for exiting, the system returns the vehicle to the input-output chamber, rotating it with a turntable and delivers it to the driver in the direction of exit. Since the corridors and ramps are not used in the same building area, 3 times more vehicles can be parked and comfortable, secure parking is provided. Ventilation, lighting, personnel expenses are provided.

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1Application Area

Everywhere, where the car parking need cannot be met with traditional methods, added value is provided by capacity, comfort and efficient use of space. It provides the most advantageous solution when it is necessary to park a large number of vehicles in a limited building area in projects such as public car parks, residences, business centers, hotels, health and education facilities, automobile storage and showrooms. In small areas in the city center, parking can be provided, more parking is provided under the road instead of roadside, while the parking capacity of a building project provides the desired number, while the main function area of the building is added to the projects for added value.


It is installed in steel or reinforced concrete carcass structures. The project area is designed and designed according to the expected performance with dimensions, building permits, target capacity and usage character. Pre-production in the factory and on-site installation, assembly and tests are delivered. Available in capacities from 10 to 1000 vehicles. 60 vehicles can be parked even on 57 m2 area.

The main components of the Parkule 144 fully automatic parking system are:

- Vehicle entry-exit rooms: The number of vehicle entry-exit rooms suitable for capacity and performance demand is provided for the drivers to easily and safely deliver their vehicles. If desired, it can be rotated on the lift with a turntable in the direction of exit and the entrance door is arranged at an appropriate angle for the delivery and entrance of the vehicle.
- Vehicle lift with turntable: Parkule 144 is a system that transports vehicles between the floors with the transmitter lift in the center and parkes the vehicles in the parking places on the right and left sides of the lift fully automatically. Thanks to the high travel speed, dynamic position control, conveyors on the lift and parking floors, it provides the fastest vehicle transfer in the safest conditions,
- Parking platforms provide closed and solid surfaces in the form in which the vehicles are easily parked in the entrance room and used for transporting the vehicles by lift, without any contact to the vehicles and which may consist of vehicles parked on top of each other and to ensure that leaks such as water and oil remain on the platform.
- Thanks to the floor conveyors, parking platforms enable the vehicle to be parked up to 5 rows in succession on both sides of the lift, increasing capacity and providing high speed platform transfer.
- Steel or B.A. The carcass structure is designed in accordance with the Parkule 144 architecture, while steel structures provide more precise application tolerances and offer the advantage of faster construction.
- The design is flexible enough to adapt to the different features of the parking lot or land.
- Provides high parking capacity for the investor and operator, operation without the need for personnel, lower operating costs without ventilation, lighting, easy, safe and comfortable parking for drivers, as well as safety for vehicles and less exhaust gas emissions for the environment.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, TS EN 14010, 2006/42/EC, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, TSE HYB, SSHYB


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