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Parkist 11-Car Parking System with Pit


Parkist 11 (Single System) provides an independent parking solution that creates a lower floor parking space, doubling your garage capacity. It is used without the need for valet service by enabling the vehicles to park at the top and bottom without being dependent on each other.

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1Application Area

It can be used without any valet service in open or closed car parks, residences, business centers, hotels, public car parks, underground car parks by making use of a parking pit so that the vehicles can be parked above and below without being dependent on each other.


Depending on the pit and roof dimensions provided, vehicles with a maximum weight of 2800 kg can be parked at vehicle heights between 150 and 200 cm. Thanks to the hydraulic system, safe, economical, low entry ramp and flat platform floor comfortably increases your parking capacity 100%. Without the need for valet service, the desired vehicle reaches the entry level and parking is possible.
- The system provides independent parking by placing the vehicle on the lower platform.
- It increases the efficiency of your parking spaces by creating space on the upper floor for vehicles used actively during the day and on the lower floor for vehicles that will park for a long time.
- When the system is lowered, the vehicles in the upper position can easily enter and exit without the need to move downstairs vehicles.
- Innovative flat platform surface design makes walking and driving more comfortable.
- The drivers do not need valet service since they can park in the system easily.

Vehicle weight: Standard 2200 kg - Maximum 2800 kg
Platform internal net width: Standard 230 cm - Maximum 270 cm
External dimension: Standard 260 cm - Max 300 cm
Well length: Minimum clear 530 cm
Well depth: Minimum clear 170 cm (for vehicles with a height of 150 cm)
Roof height: Minimum clear 320 cm (for 2 cars with a height of 150 cm)
Power: 3 kW


- Doublex Parker | Bruchsal, Germany
- Kemer Country | Göktürk, Eyüpsultan, İstanbul