EcoStruxure™ Building Management System

EcoStruxure is a user-friendly building management system for the best building performance. The EcoStruxure solution ensures you get the right information anytime, anywhere and however you want it, on an attractive interface. Day-to-day operations are greatly simplified with drag-and-drop trending, calendar-like charts, and one-click reporting. Built-in open protocols give you the freedom to choose the right equipment for your unique application.

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Get your current and future building management infrastructure modern and future-proof with the EcoStruxure Building platform. Our collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) solution features a scalable, secure and global architecture to make any type of building intelligent. EcoStruxure Building securely connects hardware, software and services over an Ethernet IP backbone to maximize building efficiency, optimize comfort and efficiency, and increase building value.

- Benefits
• HVAC control
• Lighting control
• Energy management
• Integration platform

- Apps
• Customizable user-friendly interface
• Streamlined daily operations (charts, alarms, trending, reporting)
• Transforms data into actionable smart information
• Eye-catching graphics features
• IT friendly and secure