PeliLuxe UV Lacquered Panels

Peliluxe Lacquer panels are decorative MDF or Chipboard Ultra High Gloss panels which have been produced with advanced technology, special processes and with the application of UV-Lacquer on the surface of the panels giving the panel a mirror. Peliluxe UV-Lacquer panels may have solid colors, standard wood & stone/marble designs as well as digital images of your own choice on thepanel surface.

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Residences, workplaces, business centers, banks, public buildings, sports halls, stadiums, airports and hospitals, shopping malls, conference, cinema and theater halls, cultural and artistic structures, educational institutions, accommodation facilities, etc.

• Thickness: 8 mm - 18 mm
• Dimensions: 1830 x 2400 mm
• Ultra Glossy UV Lacquered MDF panel
• Does not contain dangerous substances, environmentally friendly