They are film-coated plywood panels formed by pressing plywood thin wood layers under high pressure. Film-coated concrete formwork plywood, known in the business world as Plywood, is manufactured from durable woods such as pine, beech and birch. Although plywood has very good mechanical strength, it is a light material. Constructions are healthier and more efficient with this material. Thanks to the excess usage, it is more economical and saves the cost of plaster in many places. In addition, it provides significant time savings in the formwork laying periods of the constructions.

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- Construction Industry: Formwork works, scaffolding platforms, interior partition and roofing works, floor and parquet industry,
- Furniture Industry: Door and shelf production, wooden chair and table production, office furniture,
- Transportation and Transportation: On the floor and side walls of the truck trailers, on the floors of the containers, on the floor and side walls of the wagons, on the animal transport vehicles, buses, cargo sections of the ships,
- Packaging: The material is highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, is cheaper than other materials, is more durable and lighter, is safe and hygienic, can be reused and is a material that causes minimal damage to the environment, can be used in all kinds of packaging.
- Other Usage Areas: In toys, game halls, musical instruments, in the construction of music columns, traffic signs, billboards and urban furniture, garden huts, basketball backboards and skate platforms, wall climbing boards, tribune, stage and show constructions, kitchen countertops and on countertops, textile machine tables and cutting benches

• Width x Length: 1250 x 2500 mm
• Thickness: 18 mm
• Number of Layers: 9-11 Layers
• Glue Type: WBP - Water and climate resistant phenolic resin (conforming to EN 314-2 class 3 exterior standard)
• Surface Film and Density: Dark Brown Phenolic Film, 167 gr/m²
• Edge Insulation: Water-resistant silicone-based protector
• Wood Type: Birch and Combi