AGT MDF raises the quality level in designs with its perfect surface structure, perfect machining and balanced fiber distribution. AGT MDF produced in state-of-the-art facilities is used in all AGT products. The quality approach is the common denominator of all AGT products.

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• Dimensions: 8x2100x2800mm / 10x2100x2800mm / 12x2100x2800mm / 18x2100x2800mm / 36x2100x2800mm
• Optimum density
• Balanced fiber distribution
• Excellent processing property
• Perfect surface structure with superior quality
• High resistance to bending
• High swelling resistance
• Material structure suitable for painted production
• Strong body
• High screw holding and tensile strength

TSE Criteria Conformity Certificate 2019 - EO Conformity Certificate 2006 - E1 Conformity Certificate 2016