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Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets

Brand: Sabic Lexan

Corrugated polycarbonate sheets, manufactured using the latest technology available, are an unrivaled product, especially in terms of strength, lightness and durability. Thanks to its light transmittance feature, its use is becoming widespread and it has become a product that rivals canvas and glass.

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Roof panel Advertising panel Dome roof Polycarbonate skylight
About the Product
1Application Area

Advertising industry: Signage floor, pavement board and visual printing area
Greenhouse: Greenhouse walls and ceilings, hobby gardens
Construction industry: Ceiling lighting, roofing, pool closure, public places such as bus stops, sound barriers, overpasses


• Its light transmittance is around 85% and it is much more durable, lighter and stronger than glass.
• The plates, which can be used between -40 C and +120 C, are an alternative product especially in places where there is a risk of hail and in greenhouses.
• UV protective layer is coated with surface coextrusion technique.
• Thicknesses: 4 mm - 6 mm - 8 mm - 10 mm - 16 mm - 25 mm - 32 mm
• Colors: Transparent - White - Bronze - Blue - Turquoise - Green
• Dimensions: 2.10m x 6m and 2.1m x 12m