Aluminium - Painted Aluminium Roll Sheets

Esmol Aluminum keeps in stock around 40 colors in desired quantity throughout the country. It has rich domestic and foreign natural and painted aluminum stocks. In addition, it provides production by order in 220 color codes. It provides products in 3 different alloys and 6 different conditions, depending on the area of use and properties.

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Advertising, blinds, packaging, construction, white goods, heating - cooling, roofing (trapeze, clamp system high pitch, metal tile, mosque dome)

• Thickness: 0.20 mm - 2.00 mm
• Width: 25 mm - 1360 mm
• Painting: Polyester, Hdpe, Pvdf, Pur-Pa, Plastisol Matte - Semi-gloss - Glossy - High Gloss