Plasterboard/Rigips Habito

Habito is a new kind of high technology board produced by Saint-Gobain Rigips that has high fire resistance and sound insulation ability in addition to its high durability and load bearing ability. Many performance criteria can be found in Habito board at the same time. Habito boards can carry 15 kg/screw which screw can be mounted to board directly with a screw driver by anyone without need of any special tool for fixing. Moreover loads can be hanged directly to the board so there is no need for extra profile or dowel for hanging anything on to Habito board. Habito has a strengthened core different than basic standard boards so use of Habito will decrease maintenance costs that may occur in a period of time. Apart from these, boards are 100% recycle and environmental friendly.

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Habito boards can be used in all dry wall and ceiling systems where load bearing ability, durability, impact resistance, high sound insulation and fire resistance are needed.
Residential / Offices – Walls with cupboards, hand rails, curtain rods, TV
Hotels – Walls between two rooms for sound insulation and hanging TV and corridor walls.
Hospitals – Corridors for impact resistance and walls for hanging health equipments.

Board classification: DFIR - GKF
Yangın sınıfı: A2-s1,d0
Standard dimensions: 1200*2400*12,5 mm
Edge detail: Tapered
Weight: 12,20 kg/m²
Density: 975 kg/m³
Brinell surface hardness: 38 N/mm²
Load bearing capacity: 15 kg/screw