Plasterboard/Rigips Glasroc X

Brand: Rigips

Glasroc X is a high performance board with a gypsum core containing special additives for moisture and mould resistance. Glasroc X is reinforced board with a glass-mat on both surfaces and finished with a UV resistant coating, providing outstanding performance in humid environments in both exterior and interior applications.

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Exterior and Interior board applications.
Exterior – External sheathing applications, balcony ceilings, facades…
Interior – Dry wall solutions in all wet areas…

Board classification: GM-FH1
Fire class: A2-s1,d0
Standard dimensions: 1200*2400*12,5 mm
Edge type: Tapered edge
Weight: 12,20 kg/m²
Total water absorbtion: ≤%5
Mould resistant: No mould
UV resistance: 12 Months
Thermal conductivity: 0,1865 λ
Vapour diffusion: 18,20 µ