Plaster Boards | Intreme FIT

Brand: ABS Alçı

Intreme FIT is Turkey's game changer indoor plasterboard. It is 30% lighter than industry standard gypsum boards and 15% lighter than lightweight gypsum boards on the market. It provides transportation advantage. It is ergonomic and offers easy assembly, so it is master-friendly. With its consistent gypsum-mix formula structure that provides improved sag resistance and improved power-to-weight ratio; Ideal for both suspended ceiling and wall applications. Thanks to its resistance to sagging, it prevents damage that may occur during transportation and assembly. It provides a safe working environment by providing less dust with its improved gypsum-mix formula.

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It is used in the production of partition walls and suspended ceilings in interior spaces.

Product type: Type A
• Reaction to fire class: A2, s1 - d0
Coefficient of resistance to water vapor transmission (µ): 10
• Thermal conductivity value (ƛ): 0,25
Length (mm): 2000 - 3600
• Thickness (mm): 12,5
Density (kg / m³): 464 ± 16
• Weight (kg / m²): 5.8 ± 0.2
• Flexural Breaking Load (N): Longitudinal direction (N) ≥ 550 - Short edge direction (N) ≥ 210
Width tolerance (mm): 0, - 4
Length tolerance (mm): 0, - 5
• Thickness tolerance (mm): ± 0.5
• Deviation of short sides from perpendicularity (mm): <2.5
Thinning depth (mm): 0.6 - 2.5
Thinning width (mm): 40 - 60
Edge type: HR (Thin Edge) KK (Blunt Edge)

TS EN 520 + A1