Plaster Boards | Intreme FIT Natura

Brand: ABS Alçı

Intreme FIT Natura, which uses recycled paper in its coating, is environmentally friendly. Since it weighs only 5.8 kg / m², it provides advantages in many areas from transportation to assembly. With its consistent gypsum-mix formula structure that provides improved sag resistance and improved power-to-weight ratio; Ideal for both suspended ceiling and wall applications. With its reinforced chamfered edges, it is as durable as much heavier plates than itself. When used with suitable insulation materials, it provides high sound and heat insulation performances.

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Suspended ceiling, partition wall, wall cladding, dry plaster wall cladding

• Time saving with faster and easier assembly
• Adaptation to movement feature
• More straight and easy to cut
• Same break resistance despite being lighter
• Same sag resistance despite being lighter
• There is no need to use different types of plates to lighten the loads of the buildings.