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Plasterboard Group | Flextreme

Brand: ABS Alçı

Brand: ABS Plaster 5 kg / m2 light interior plasterboard that can be shaped dry and wet with its high flexibility. It has high flexibility in dry or wet use. Aesthetic architectural touches can be given to buildings more easily. It saves time with faster and easier assembly. It is smoother and easier to cut. Although it is lighter, it has the same breaking and sag resistance. There is no need to use different types of plates to lighten the burden of buildings.

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Gypsum board Gypsum board profile indoor wall board
About the Product
1Application Area

It is used in the production of partition walls and suspended ceilings in interior spaces.


• Type: TIP A
• Thickness: 6.5 mm
• Dimensions: WIDTH: 1200 mm, LENGTH: 3000 mm
• Weight: 5.0 - 5.3 Kg / m2
• Density: 769 Kg / m3 815 Kg / m3
Width tolerance: +0 / -4 mm
Length tolerance: + 0 / -0.5 mm
Thickness tolerance: +0.5 / -0.5 mm
• Thermal conductivity λ: 0.25 W / (m ∙ K)
Water vapor permeability (wet): 4 μ
Water vapor permeability (dry): 10 μ
Dry bending radius: r ≥ 1000 mm
Wet bending radius: r ≥ 300 mm
• Short edge deviation from perpendicularity (for 1 M plate width): ≤ 2.5 mm
Bending fracture (perpendicular to paper fibers):> 280 N
Bending fracture (parallel to paper fibers):> 109 N
Reaction to fire: A2-s1, d0

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TS EN 520 + A1