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Plaster Boards | Intreme Moldstop FR

Brand: ABS Alçı

By combining moisture and mold resistance, Intreme Moldstop FR provides enhanced protection against mold growth by creating antimicrobial resistance in the gypsum grains and gypsum board surface. It preserves the moisture within its body during fire, maintains its integrity on the wall or ceiling under intense heat and flame, and provides a temporary barrier for building occupants to escape from the building. It provides advantages in many areas from transportation to assembly with its lightness far below the industry standards. With its reinforced chamfered edges, it is as durable as much heavier plates than itself.

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Gypsum board Gypsum board profile
About the Product
1Application Area

Excellent building material for interior wall construction in areas with high humidity levels such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, gyms, basements, etc.


• Length (mm) 2000 – 3600
• Density (kg/m³) 720 ± 40
• Weight (kg/m²) 9.0 ± 0.5
• Reaction to Fire Class A2,s1-d0
• Coefficient of resistance to water vapor transmission (µ) 10
• Thermal conductivity value (ƛ) (W/(m∙K) 0.25
• Bending Fracture Load (N): Long Side Direction (N) ≥ 550 / Short Side Direction (N) ≥ 210
• Total Water Absorption (%) H1 ≤5
• Surface Water absorption (gr/m²) H1 <180
• Width tolerance (mm) 0, – 4
• Length tolerance (mm) 0, – 5
• Thickness tolerance (mm) ±0.5
• Deviation of short sides from perpendicularity (mm) < 2.5
• Thinning Depth (mm) 0.6 – 2.5
• Thinning width (mm) 40 – 80
• Core Strength (minutes) ≥ 15
• Edge Type (mm) İK (Thinned Edge)-KK (Short Edge)
• Mold Resistance (Points) 10* ASTM D 3273-12