Wall and Ceiling Cladding | Glass Coating

Especially when glass is preferred for wall and ceiling coverings of interior spaces where aesthetics and visuality are desired, it adds value and a rich appearance to the areas where it is applied. It shows the environment it is covered in more spacious, wide and characteristic.

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It is used in the decoration of many places such as shopping malls, hotels, residences, airports, hospitals, museums.

Glass coating applications are made according to the needs and expectations of the area to be used with options such as glass plate, glass mosaic, glass panel, glass tiles.
Glass, which can be painted in any color, covers the flaws of the area it is used, protects the surface where it is used, is not only hygienic, but also impresses with its functional and rich decorative feature, is among the indispensable options of interior architecture.
It can also be used as a coating.