PeliExterior Exterior Compact Panels

Peliexterior Compact Laminate Panels, with ISO 9001TÜV SÜD guarantee, is being produced according to EN 438-6/7, the required Standard for high pressure exterior laminate applications. Peliexterior has a surface property of anti-dirt, anti-bacteria, anti-fading with its nano-technologic surface form.

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It is used as all kinds of exterior cladding and balcony cladding of buildings such as residences, workplaces, business centers, banks, public buildings, sports halls, stadiums, airports and hospitals.

Peliexterior, with particular surface application along with the special UV film at surface, has a maximum resistance against sunrays, rain, frost, dirt,dust and bacteria. Peliexterior EDS and Peliexterior EDF have successfully passed the tests as a requirement of EN 438-2/28 standards, thus proving their endurance against heavy weather conditions. Peliexterior EDS is a perfect solution for the exterior side covering against intensive weather conditions, where as Peliexterior EDF is a solution against fire resistance in addition to intense weather.

• Thickness range: 4-6-8-10 mm
• Dimensions: 1300x2800 mm
• Does not contain dangerous substances, environmentally friendly

If required, support and consultation can be given to state establishments and private companies for the correct and proper installation.

Peliexterior production is in accordance with the EN 438-6 standards with the assurance of ISO 9001:2008. With its fortified structure against fire, Peliexterior has achieved the maximum fire resistance classification of B s1 do / EGF in accordance with EN 13501-1.
In addition, Peliexterior Compact Panels meet the safety, health and environmental criteria of the EN 438-7 standard with the conformity marking of AOC - level 3.